Terror Fabulous – Dancehall Hot Shots

With a name that literally screams entertainment, Cecil Campbell, otherwise known as Terror Fabulous, may not be the most familiar Jamaican deejay and Dancehall artist, but he is certainly one of the most prolific. Rising to prominence in the 90s, hits like the Nadine Sutherland duet ‘Action’ thrust Campbell’s brief yet powerful career into action. So, what better way to kick off our quick fire EP of Jet Star’s top five Terror Fabulous tracks than with the same duet? Including ‘Drop It Cool’, ‘No Retreat’, ‘Watch Who You Drape’ and ‘Broke Wine Butterfly’, ‘Terror Fabulous – Dancehall Hot Shots’ packages Campbell’s work into a small yet feisty bundle of energy, vigour and heat. ‘Terror Fabulo

I Love Reggae – Autumn Edition

It’s fair to say that the long, warm evenings spent sipping Piña Coladas in the sun are now a memory of the distant past. With the leaves starting to brown and the air beginning to bite at your fingers, today officially marks the first day of autumn. But, whilst this transitional season might not have the same appeal to some as that of summer, Jet Star are here to keep the party flowing through from Carnival to Christmas. From the likes of Chaka Demus & Pliers’ ‘World a Girlz’ through to ‘Thanks for the Blessings’ by Curtis Lynch Jr and JJ Soul, ‘I Love Reggae - Autumn Edition’ features nineteen of the most uplifting and lively Reggae, Dancehall and Lovers Rock tracks. Nonetheless, we’re not

Sizzla – Reggae Hot Shots

Whilst Sizzla might present himself as one of the more controversial figures in the Reggae world, there’s no denying that his music ultimately succeeds his reputation. In acknowledgement of this, ‘Sizzla – Reggae Hot Shots’ is a showcase of the Dancehall star’s five biggest, boldest and best tunes. Bursting into flames with the iconic opening track ‘Praise Ye Jah’, the EP scorches through the likes of ‘Rain Showers’, ‘Bandulu’ and ‘Homeless’ before keeping the fire burning with ‘Haile Selassie’. Available now, you can stream or download ‘Sizzla – Reggae Hot Shots’ here.

Garnett Silk Selects Dancehall

It’s undeniable that Garnett Silk possessed an extraordinary quality which, even after his untimely death, has cemented his works into the hearts of Reggae lovers worldwide. Born in the Jamaican Parish of Manchester, Silk quickly began his rise to stardom after an introduction to the renowned producers, Tony Rebel and Courtney Cole. However, his talents didn’t always lie in singing alone. A short stint as a deejay on the Jamaican sound-system circuit was perhaps one of Silk’s earliest introductions to the world of Reggae and, undoubtedly, shaped the artist he became. In celebration of his memory, Jet Star has compiled a definitive collection of the late singer’s most legendary Dancehall trac

LYN – Live in London

With Luciano performing for Jet Star last November, it inspired the creation of our new series ‘Jet Star Live’. Recently, we hosted our newest artist, LYN, for a performance of tracks from her ‘Debut’ album. Featuring in the second instalment of ‘Jet Star Live’, the backing singer come solo star graced The Social with her golden vocals and stories of her musical journey. Showcasing the likes of ‘People’, ‘I Deserve You’ and the seductive lament ‘Secret’, LYN truly claimed her spot on centre stage as the fresh yet seasoned voice of British Female Reggae. What’s more, stripped back to the sheer simplicity of Remmi Jaloor’s acoustic accompaniment, unique covers of Marcia Griffiths’ ‘Survival’

Notting Hill Carnival: A Look Back

As the cold wind starts to bite and we dig out our woolly gloves, it can only mean one thing. As painful as it might be to say, summer is finally drawing to close. But, with over two million party goers flooding the streets of Notting Hill last weekend, London truly saw out these last days of sunshine and sangria in style. With the clouds parting for a weekend of music, dancing and culinary adventure, it’s fair to say that Carnival not only delivered all the usual revelry and more, but was also the bandage needed to heal a community in mourning. Towering green letters painted upon bed sheets served as signs of remembrance for the Grenfell tragedy whilst, for the first time in its history, so


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