Join Us in Celebrating Reggae's 'Roots and Culture'

In the world of Reggae and Rastafarianism, everyone knows the honourable name of Haile Selassie. After the late Ethiopian emperor’s visit to Jamaica in 1966, he brought with him an ideology, ethos and movement from the African continent that would change Caribbean culture forever. This newfound sense of spirituality from Selassie’s visit, alongside increasing political and social unrest within Jamaica, heralded a much desired transformation in Jamaica. With artists including Bob Marley, Horace Andy and Johnny Clarke shining light upon topical issues including oppression, repatriation, black pride and religion, Reggae music came to be not just a musical genre, but a receptacle of the trials a

Fire Up Your Weekend With 'Jungle Hits Gold'

Although Jungle may have retreated underground during the late nineties, the iconic sounds of rave and hardcore are now experiencing a resurgence bigger than no other. Contributing to the scene with tracks from Reggae and Dancehall legends including M Beat, Ninjaman, Buju Banton and many more, Jet Star is proud to present ‘Jungle Hits Gold'. Boasting a collection of the biggest, boldest and best Jungle anthems from across all three original albums, the compilation is guaranteed to set your sound system ablaze. From the rolling basslines of ‘The Burial’ by Leviticus through to the syncopated loops of Remarc’s ‘Sound Murderer’, reignite the classic sounds that once shook clubs to the ground. Y


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