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John Holt Selects Reggae

Undeniably one of the most renowned and respected names in Reggae, John Kenneth Holt truly laid down the foundations of the genre.

Planting his roots in the industry back in 1963 with his first single ‘Forever I’ll Stay’, Holt’s career was one of unrivalled accomplishment. His time with The Paragons saw the group riding on a wave of unstoppable chart success. Though, whilst it’s likely you’ll recognise the melodies of tracks like ‘Ali Baba’ and ‘Tonight’, it’s a lesser known fact that Holt penned ‘The Tide is High’, now famed by Blondie, during this era.

But, it’s fair to say that it was Holt’s solo work during the late 70s and 80s which saw him step onto the worldwide stage. His condemnation of the Jamaican government’s efforts to eradicate the country’s marijuana plantations led to the iconic release of ‘Police in Helicopter’. With its provocative and politically charged lyrics, the track signified a pivotal moment for the future of Lovers Rock. Instead of focussing solely upon its conventional connotations, Holt shifted the genre into a new era of calculated lyricism.

Hosting such an extensive and powerful catalogue, we were certainly spoilt for choice when composing the track list for our newest compilation, ‘John Holt Selects Reggae’. Featuring twenty of his greatest hits and an exclusive continuous mix, the album is one of the most in-depth explorations of Holt available.

So ‘Let’s Get It While It’s Hot’ and ‘Jam on the Street’ or ‘On the Beach’ by streaming or downloading ‘John Holt Selects Reggae’ here -

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