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Terror Fabulous – Dancehall Hot Shots

With a name that literally screams entertainment, Cecil Campbell, otherwise known as Terror Fabulous, may not be the most familiar Jamaican deejay and Dancehall artist, but he is certainly one of the most prolific.

Rising to prominence in the 90s, hits like the Nadine Sutherland duet ‘Action’ thrust Campbell’s brief yet powerful career into action. So, what better way to kick off our quick fire EP of Jet Star’s top five Terror Fabulous tracks than with the same duet?

Including ‘Drop It Cool’, ‘No Retreat’, ‘Watch Who You Drape’ and ‘Broke Wine Butterfly’, ‘Terror Fabulous – Dancehall Hot Shots’ packages Campbell’s work into a small yet feisty bundle of energy, vigour and heat.

‘Terror Fabulous – Dancehall Hot Shots’ is now available to stream or download here

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