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Out Now: Lloyd Brown's 21st Studio Album, 'Vocalist'

Riddimworks Productions and Jet Star Music proudly present the release of Lloyd Brown's twenty-first studio album, 'Vocalist'.

Renowned as one of the most prolific singers, songwriters and producers in Reggae, Brown's newest offering is an entirely worldly, eclectic and original masterpiece.

Featuring production collaborations from highly respected producers including Patrick Anthony, Carlton 'Bubblers' Ogilvie and fellow artist Peter Hunnigale – to name just a few, the album is an immersive journey deep into the soul, sounds and spirit of Reggae.

What’s more, featuring Fiona, Aleighcia Scott and Babyboom, ‘Vocalist’ becomes not only a vehicle to showcase Brown’s immense vocal capabilities, but a stage for newer, emerging artists.

'Vocalist' is available to stream or download across all major digital platforms now.

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