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The King has arrived...

As the undisputed ‘King of Dancehall’, Jet Star is pleased to celebrate Anthony Moses Davis, otherwise known as Beenie Man, in our brand new album; ‘Dancehall: Beenie Man’.

Gaining a head start in the industry, Beenie Man began toasting in his hometown of Kingston at the tender age of five. From here, he laid the foundations to become one of the biggest and most respected Dancehall superstars in history.

Working with the likes of Dennis Brown, Mad Cobra, Janet Jackson and the legendary production duo, Sly & Robbie, Beenie Man notoriously produced hit after hit. And, whilst you might not know his entire catalogue, there’s no denying you’ve heard ‘I’m Drinking/Rum and Red Bull’ at least once in your life.

But, it’s the rest of his energetic and extensive catalogue that we’ve chosen to showcase here at Jet Star on ‘Dancehall: Beenie Man’.

Featuring classic tunes like ‘Girls I See’, ‘Ganja Anthem’, ‘Clash Oonu Want’ and ‘Cross the Bridge’, ‘Dancehall: Beenie Man’ is available to stream and download now alongside an exclusive continuous mix.

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