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We love J.C. Lodge ❤️

June Carol Lodge, otherwise known as J.C. Lodge, is undeniably one of Lovers Rock's finest names.

Bursting onto the scene with her debut hit, 'Someone Loves You, Honey', Lodge's sweet and soulful vocals have seen her top the Jamaican Reggae charts, earn the biggest selling single in the Netherlands of 1982 and successfully cross over into the mainstream R&B charts.

In 2001, after almost 20 years in the game, Lodge traveled from Jamaica to England to record her first ever album with Jet Star. Titled 'Reggae Country', the album saw Lodge look at Lovers Rock from a new angle. Featuring sixteen American country classics spun into Lovers Rock laments, the album was such a success that a second volume was released the following year.

A selection of these can be heard on our brand new album 'J.C. Lodge Pure Lovers Rock'. Stream and download the full album here.

You can also listen to a continuous mix of tracks from the album over on our YouTube channel.

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