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Introducing our latest 'Reggae Legend'

Jet Star is pleased to present the latest album in our 'Reggae Legends' series! Having enjoyed a prolific recording career as both a solo artist and member of groups such as The Eternals, The Sensations and The Uniques, it only seems right to celebrate the musical mastery of Cornell Campbell.

Known for his distinctly unique falsetto vocals, Cornell Campbell took the first steps in his career after meeting the renowned trombonist, Rico Rodriguez. Following the success of various singles and albums that transpired from this friendship, including ensemble works such as The Eternal's 1969 hit, 'Queen of Minstrel', Campbell eventually decided to pursue a full-time solo career.

Striking up a relationship with one of Reggae's finest producers, Bunny Lee in 1971, Campbell went on to record some of Jamaica's biggest hits. Lovers rock staples such as 'The Gorgon', 'My Confession' and 'Dearest Darling' dominated the islands airwaves and cemented Cornell Campbell as a true reggae legend.

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