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Listen to Digital Deluxe Edition of 'Untitled'

Jet Star Music and Riddimworks Productions are pleased to present the 'Digital Deluxe Edition' of Lloyd Brown's 26th studio album, 'Untitled'.

Lloyd Brown is a pioneer of British reggae music. The extended edition of his 26th studio album, 'Untitled', features three remixes of tracks from the original album, and one brand new reggae song, 'What Your Mama Gave You'. 'What Your Mama Gave You' harks back to Lloyd's firm roots in the heart of roots reggae and lovers rock while also seeing him experiment with new genres and performance styles. The song is a fusion of reggae and rap, keeping this seasoned artist fresh and current. It's a bliss summer reggae anthem with a lyrical message as warm as the sunshine itself.

Alongside working on his deluxe album, Lloyd has also been busy lending his music and production talents to Rafeelya.

Rafeelya's cover of 'Human Condition' by Lloyd Brown hears the London based US artist reinvent herself from a reggae queen into a soulful chanteuse. Rafeelya recorded this cover when working with reggae legend, Lloyd Brown, on a duet for his latest studio album. Lloyd loved Rafeelya's emotive and passionate take on his song so much that he was instantly compelled to record and release her solo version. Rafeelya leaves her heart on the table with this stripped back, spine tingling number.


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