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Shabba Ranks - Dancehall Hot Shots

Although you might be glad to have finally escaped the scorching temperatures of the past few days, here at Jet Star, we’re cranking up the heat with the second instalment of our ‘Hot Shots’ series. Let me hear you say “Shabba!” as our latest addition comes from the man who brought Dancehall to masses, "Mr. Loverman" himself, Shabba Ranks.

Everyone knows the unshakeable riddim of Ranks’ 1988 smash hit and, if not, well you must have been living under a rock. But it’s not just this epic fusion anthem that earned Shabba his spot in our Reggae Hall of Fame. Tracks like "Caan Dun", "Wuk a Man" and "Swarm Me blaze" with all the ferocity and fire of a man toasting like there’s no tomorrow.

Along with "I Want You Tonight" and "Bad Wuk", these tracks complete our selection of Shabba’s five hottest contributions to Jet Star. With his unique tone and coarse vocals imposing themselves upon the worldwide Dancehall scene forever, "Shabba Ranks – Dancehall Hot Shots" is not just another standard compilation, it’s a celebration of one of Jamaica’s finest deejays.

You can stream or download "Shabba Ranks – Dancehall Hot Shots" here

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