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Meet the 'Queens of Reggae'

In the words of Annie Lennox, ‘behind every man, there has to be a great woman’. So, living in not just an industry, but a world that’s typically testosterone dominated, we believe it is essential to celebrate the women who are just as bold, just as powerful and just as talented as their male counterparts.

These are… the ‘Queens of Reggae’.

As Jet Star’s first all-female compilation, ‘Queens of Reggae’ is an ode to the sweet sounds and harmonious melodies these ladies bring to the decks.

But, featuring the likes of ‘Black Pride’ by Kofi, ‘Caught You in a Lie’ by Louisa Marks and Angel’s ‘Don’t Wanna Cry’, the album isn’t just a humble lament, it’s a fiery declaration of liberation, celebration and independence.

Also containing an exclusive and continuous DJ mix which you stream on YouTube, ‘Queens of Reggae’ is available to stream and download across all major platforms now!

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