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Out Now! Watch the official music video for 'Never Forget You' by Shade Aman

Before the beginning of last month, Shade Aman may not have been a familiar name to you. But now, after the release of her debut album, ‘Travelling Hopefully’, last month, the island siren has become the hottest name on everyone’s lips.

Having worked with renowned producer and artist, Lloyd Brown, on her album, Shade is back with a brand new, original music video to accompany the sweet blend of acoustic Soul and impassioned Reggae that is ‘Never Forget You’.

Seen walking through evergreen woodlands; the video offers Shade’s heart on a plate. The purity and familiarity of everything from her adoring dog through to soothing shades of blue and green creates a connection with Shade which truly brings you into the realm of her emotions.

Head over to Jet Star’s YouTube channel to stream the video in full and walk Shade’s path through love, loss and longing as she begins ‘Travelling Hopefully’.

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