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Jet Star Live – Luciano

Whilst venturing around the globe on his latest tour, Luciano graciously took a break from his busy schedule to make a brief stop at Jet Star’s London offices. After filming an astounding acoustic session and tell all interview, a brand new web series was born. Available now, the first installment of ‘Jet Star Live’ can be found on the Jet Star YouTube channel.

The Reggae icon descended upon The Social along with Jet Star’s team to record an intimate set of some of his most renowned tracks including ‘Sweep Over My Soul’ and ‘Serve Jah’.

As one of the primary pillars of Roots Reggae, there were no doubts that Luciano was bound to be a storyteller. But it’s not every day you hear tales of man who has trodden the same path as Bob Marley. Like many others, Luciano was constantly inspired by the beliefs and music of the Reggae King. Perhaps because of this, his emotive cover of ‘Redemption Song’ lingered long after the last chord had struck.

But why listen to us chirp on about everything that happened when you can experience it for yourself? Head over to Jet Star’s YouTube channel to find the full interview and acoustic set.

Whilst you’re there, make sure to keep an eye open for the second episode of ‘Jet Star Live’ where LYN, the new yet seasoned voice of British Female Reggae, will be introduced.

Stream and Download Luciano's latest Jet Star release - Luciano Selects Reggae here:

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