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We are on Instagram

Can’t get enough of all things Jet Star? Well worry not as you can now connect with us on Instagram!

Through features such as ‘Sleeve of the Week’, we will be using the platform to showcase our finest visual content. From historic vinyl sleeves to new album artwork, the page provides a deeper look at Jet Star’s past whilst heralding the brand’s transition into the upcoming digital era.

Alongside the music, Jet Star’s bold and innovative artwork has undeniably enthralled countless generations of Reggae lovers. Whether this is through the vibrant and eye catching graphics of compilations like ‘Just Ragga’ or the pensive portrait of Donna Marie’s ‘Now is The Time’, each cover tells its own story. A story that should be celebrated, cherished and remembered.

But, if social media is still an alien concept to you, there’s no need to be left out. Simply download the Instagram app to your smartphone and follow @jetstarmusic today!

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