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Out Now: 'Travelling Hopefully' - Shade Aman

Having flourished as a backing singer for the likes of Diana Ross, Take That, Sting and many more, Shade Aman is stepping into the spotlight with her debut album, ‘Travelling Hopefully’.

From participating in the Eurovision Song Contest through to touring with the Motown Band Mission Blue, Shade’s musical journey has seen her journey far and wide. That was until she drifted upon the white rocks and sandy shores of Crete.

Now an island songstress, ‘Travelling Hopefully’ embodies Shade’s sense of enlightened spirit, longing for the good and believing in the best.

What’s more, produced by Lloyd Brown, it’s no surprise that, through soothing, soulful tones and acoustic, jazzy influences, the album’s rich Reggae sounds resonate even after the last chord has struck.

Available to stream and download now, join Shade on her journey as she begins ‘Travelling Hopefully’.

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