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Alton Ellis Selects Reggae

Among the multitude of astounding singers to have come from Jamaica, Alton Ellis was one of Ska and Reggae’s greatest pioneers.

Ever since the start, Mr Ellis had always been hot property in the Reggae world. Being one of the only artists of the time able to work with rival producers Duke Reid and Coxone Dodd, his musical capability had the power to not just unite the fiercest of competitors, but to bring people together on a global scale.

In celebration of this, Jet Star is proud to present ‘Alton Ellis Selects – Reggae’. Offering a selection of the Godfather of Rocksteady’s greatest hits including ‘Mr Skabena’, ‘Jah Guide Us’ and ‘Play It Cool’, the twenty-three track album is available to stream and download now.

If that isn’t a big enough fix for you, we’ve also put together a brand new and exclusive continuous DJ mix for your listening pleasure.

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