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Do you love Barrington?

The name, the music, the man.

There’s no question that Barrington Levy has one of the Reggae world’s most recognisable voices. With ‘Too Experienced’ and the famed skats of ‘Here I Come’ propelling him to a level of international stardom, many would argue that the Clarendon born artist is, unquestionably, a ‘King of the Dancehall’.

Born in 1964, Barrington was immediately thrust into a world of music. Forming a band known as The Mighty Multitude with his cousin, the sound and spirit of Reggae was within his soul from a very early age.

After releasing his first single, ‘A Long Time Since We Don’t Have No Love’, at just 14 years old, it was clear that nothing could stop Levy from forging a long and prosperous life in Reggae; a testimonial soon concreted by the release of his acclaimed albums, ‘Love the Life You Live’ and ‘Here I Come’.

Here at Jet Star, there’s no denying that we love Mr Levy! So, to celebrate the great man’s prolific, Grammy nominated career, we’ve put together a collection of his biggest tunes on our brand new album, ‘Barrington Levy Selects Reggae’.

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