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Do you 'Work All Day'?

Whilst his exact date of birth might still be a mystery, there’s no denying that Barry Biggs has a voice as soft as silk.

Leading with his most renowned single, ‘Work All Day’, we’re pleased to release a brand new compilation showcasing the sound of Mr Biggs.

Perhaps best known for his cover of the Blue Magic song, "Sideshow", which reached # 3 in the UK Singles Chart in 1977, Biggs made a name for himself by releasing Reggae cover versions of popular Soul hits.

However, whilst other Reggae artists connected to their audience through themes of religion, society and culture, Barry Biggs decided to steer clear of such topics and focus on the simply sweet sound of his music.

So, why not take a step back, free your mind of controversy dive into our eighteen track Barry Biggs biopic?

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