Gregory Isaacs, The Godfather of Reggae

Last night, BBC Radio 2 gifted the airwaves with an hour long documentary on ‘Gregory Isaacs, The Godfather of Reggae’. Taking listeners on an immersive journey into the life and legacy of the ‘Cool Ruler’, the show documents Isaacs and his humble beginnings through to following his rapid rise to stardom. With interviews from Reggae icons including the likes of David Rodigan and David Katz, awe-inspiring anecdotes recount his collaborations with renowned producers like Sly & Robbie and the faces he encountered along the way. If you weren’t lucky enough to catch the show, there’s no need to worry. You can stream ‘Gregory Isaacs, The Godfather of Reggae’ on BBC iPlayer now.

Out Now: 'Travelling Hopefully' - Shade Aman

Having flourished as a backing singer for the likes of Diana Ross, Take That, Sting and many more, Shade Aman is stepping into the spotlight with her debut album, ‘Travelling Hopefully’. From participating in the Eurovision Song Contest through to touring with the Motown Band Mission Blue, Shade’s musical journey has seen her journey far and wide. That was until she drifted upon the white rocks and sandy shores of Crete. Now an island songstress, ‘Travelling Hopefully’ embodies Shade’s sense of enlightened spirit, longing for the good and believing in the best. What’s more, produced by Lloyd Brown, it’s no surprise that, through soothing, soulful tones and acoustic, jazzy influences, the alb

Out Now: Lloyd Brown's 21st Studio Album, 'Vocalist'

Riddimworks Productions and Jet Star Music proudly present the release of Lloyd Brown's twenty-first studio album, 'Vocalist'. Renowned as one of the most prolific singers, songwriters and producers in Reggae, Brown's newest offering is an entirely worldly, eclectic and original masterpiece. Featuring production collaborations from highly respected producers including Patrick Anthony, Carlton 'Bubblers' Ogilvie and fellow artist Peter Hunnigale – to name just a few, the album is an immersive journey deep into the soul, sounds and spirit of Reggae. What’s more, featuring Fiona, Aleighcia Scott and Babyboom, ‘Vocalist’ becomes not only a vehicle to showcase Brown’s immense vocal capabilities,

Just Ragga Gold

When Ragga music started flooding the floors of Jamaican dance halls during the 1980s, it was seen as a phenomenon of the times. Now, almost some forty years later, the little brother of Dancehall has grown up to become one of the most exuberant, energetic and electrifying Reggae sub-genres. Calling upon the synthesized samples of Western hip-hop, Ragga saw everyone from the likes of Beenie Man and Terror Fabulous through to Nadine Sutherland and Lady Saw developing their own take on the genre. Whether this was through deejaying, experimenting with samples or riding riddims, each artist’s unique and individual approach not only propelled the sound of Raggamuffin onto the worldwide stage, but


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